Multi-Channel Call Attribution

Eliminate the guesswork and prove your marketing efforts are working

With our call tracking management, you can track all inbound communications, across any channel, back to your marketing campaigns. Every call, text, and form that you receive on a call tracking number will be linked to the campaign that inspired it, whether it was a PPC ad, Facebook ad, Brochure or a billboard. Reduce your spend on the campaigns that aren’t performing and direct that budget towards the ads that are clearly bringing in high-value leads and conversions.

Our Expertise

Call tracking is a program that allows us to view which marketing campaigns and website visitors are driving calls into your business and turning calls into booked tour revenue. This provides you with a 360-degree view of how marketing campaigns are performing from online booked revenue + call revenue to give you very specific information on tour revenue booked to your marketing spend. We have a team of call tracking specialists who manage your call tracking set up and management.

We manage all aspects of call tracking for your business from platform set up, website call tracking code integration and PCI call compliance. We also provide you with full access to the call tracking platform which provides you the opportunity to improve your call conversion sales performance with your call agents and staff.

We assign a dedicated call tracking specialist to your account who manages all aspects of call scoring and revenue booked reporting.

We provide comprehensive monthly reports on your call tracking performance. This includes a detailed look at what marketing channels generated calls for your business and the tour booked revenue generated from the calls along with call conversion rates.


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